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At Kura we put people first

The last year has challenged all of us in more ways than one. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things; change can often impact our mental health and wellbeing.

From an employee satisfaction survey taken soon after COVID-19 was seen as a longer term issue, we saw that people were worrying over things such as ‘how to achieve a better work life

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Celebrating Women’s Month

CallForce celebrated Women’s month this year with a heart of gratitude for all the incredible women in lives – mothers, wives, mentors, leaders, sisters and colleagues. As a true token of our appreciation and in support of this special time in expressing our gratitude, we celebrated with an initiative from our team to recognise and appreciate the love,

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Video-based customer service

Video-based customer service is essential in providing a holistic and fully encompassing omnichannel solution to enhance the customer journey! With the drive for self-service options becoming the norm, customers are looking to service providers that offer the personal touch of face-to-face engagement that creates efficiency in their query resolution

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The Customer Is Always On The Right Channel

Stop and think about the numerous ways you communicate. Just this week, I called for a vet appointment, texted my orthodontist about payments, messaged a colleague on LinkedIn, used web chat to get help with my taxes and used an app to order dinner. And, as we all bounce across these different channels, it seems some channels simply work better for the task

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