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Interactive discussion that is incredibly open and honest. Real world examples and insights from speakers on the leading edge of customer service and customer experience innovation. Creative networking that is not only fun but actually fosters real connections. A high-level group of participants invested in the program that show up with willingness to share and support. Truly an event experience like no other.

Why Participate

Traditional ways are being challenged


Customers: They are in the driver’s seat. Are you listening? You must, right now, understand what they value in their interaction and anticipate their rising expectations. You can’t afford not to.



Technological evolution continues to unleash new possibilities. The landscape is moving with hyper-speed and it’s on you to reimagine the way forward. Getting guidance from technology providers and hearing the lessons learned by others will equip you with critical insights to find the equilibrium between agents, automation, and AI.

Customer relationships have changed


Employee: You will need to recognize, appreciate, and empower a new cadre of agents. Remarkable things happen when your team is engaged to improve upon and innovate what they do and how the contact center operates.



Proof points are necessary. Quantitative and anecdotal data is key to achieving leadership buy-in to your forward plans. You need the solutions, case examples and proven applications to support your strategic investment in the future.

Traditional ways are being challenged


You still must be “all that.” Amidst all the disruption, innovation, and consumer upheaval comes the unabated demand for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Plan for the “must have” people, process, and technology needed to meet the expectations placed on you by senior management.

Customer relationships have changed


Your people and your organization are looking to you for leadership. You need to connect, support, and inspire. This event is designed for you to open your most formidable challenges and forge lasting connections with your industry peers. You will leave the event feeling invigorated, inspired, and ready to enact purposeful change.

You’ll Collaborate With:

The right connections can open doors for you. At a Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange you’ll be surrounded by top-level executives in the customer contact and customer experience industry, who’ve been vetted by our team to ensure they are the right people for the content and focus of our event.