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Sourcing sales, customer service, contact center, and other business functions from certified suppliers can enable you to cut overhead costs without compromising efficiency and product/service quality. Allocating sales, contact center, and CX work to a third-party creates opportunities for you to tap into best practice and expertise, mitigating risk across multiple locations. You can also focus on your core business and do what you do best.

Sourcing services from offshore destinations can save 60% or more on OPEX costs

Businesses can deliver up to 18% better customer experience with a combined onshore and offshore service workforce

Outsourcing customer service agents to an offshore destination can save up to 65% on salary costs

Lead generation outsourcing is 43% more efficient than generating leads in-house, translating to higher yields per cost

70% of global businesses and brands outsource to reduce OPEX costs

27% of companies implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with outsourcing report 10% to 20% cost savings

Outsourcing IT functions can save your business 40% or more on your information technology needs

Sourcing Finance & Accounting specialists in offshore locations can reduce salary costs by up to 60% or more

Companies outsourcing payroll management reduce their costs by 18%

Using outsourced legal professionals to offshore locations can save businesses 65% or more on salary costs

Saving costs is the main reason for procurement outsourcing for 45% of global businesses

Cost performance benefits and tapping into new talent are the main criteria for sourcing services from providers in locations across Africa

”Based on extensive research and market analysis, GBS.World has identified 8 proven and practical strategies that Global Business Buyers worldwide can implement to see a dramatic cut in costs and an increase in profitability, while boosting CX and customer lifetime value.”


Mark Angus

Cut business costs up to 60%

Genesis GBS and GBS World have identified 8 proven ways to cut business costs and increase profitability in the current environment.




About The Author

Mark Angus, CEO, Researcher & Strategist

With over 28 years of experience in global research, advisory, and thought leadership, Mark is an industry knowledge leader in global business services (GBS) including consumer, location, investment, and market research.

Mark is also the founding partner of the World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World), a global research-centric marketplace that connects buyers of business-process services with service providers, backed by incisive data and analytics.

He has consulted as a BPO/S and E-CX strategist, researcher, and speaker for organizations such as BMW, Deloitte, FNB, Genesys, IBM, Innovation Group, Nissan, Old Mutual, Servest, The Luxury Marketing Council, and several global BPO organizations. He has also moderated and event-managed (with his team) global webinars, podcasts, and events for organizations such as Calabrio, Dimension Data, Innovation Group, Inspiro, SAP, Transcom, WNS, and Ryan Strategic Advisory. He is a published author of a children’s book, with a fictional series currently under review.