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The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World), has unveiled five key segment findings of the 2023/24 GBS World Competitiveness Index: Digital and ITO. The index, which is informed by comprehensive data from the Global Voice of the Buyer Survey, presents a nuanced understanding of the current dig...
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Apart from Egypt and South Africa, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Mexico, and Poland perform well across all rankings. The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World) has released highlights of the 2023/24 GBS World Competitiveness Index and rankings drawn from extensive survey data from the Gl...
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Key facts and highlights: European GBS/BPO buyers can save up to 73% on contact center agent salaries when nearshoring to North African locations. Egypt is home to 38 million English speakers. In the GBS World Competitiveness Index, Egypt is ranked second and Morocco is ranked third. Following focused investment in ...
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Asia and Eastern Europe Dominate Rankings in GBS World Competitiveness Index for Digital and ITO services India, China, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Hungary and Czechia perform well across key domains  The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World) has published the latest 2022 GBS...
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How Blockchain is driving the next evolution in customer experience With all the hype regarding cryptocurrency, the value and application of the underlying technology – the blockchain – is often lost in all the noise. The two concepts are often conflated, which detracts from the important conversations that busines...
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More organizations globally are choosing to outsource business services such as customer support, contact centers, HR management, digital channel fulfillment, accounting, legal and training. Multiple factors influence this strategic decision to outsource services, including cost reduction, accessing value-add services,...
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Emerging Europe’s 2022 Future of IT Report reveals the most competitive IT sectors in Central and Eastern Europe in alignment with the GBS World Competitiveness Index The 2022 edition of the 200-page Future of IT report by Emerging Europe includes a 12-page chapter with results and key findings from international buy...
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The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World) and Genesis GBS recently conducted a customer experience (CX) market analysis on the best potential English-speaking, contact center/CX delivery locations in the Caribbean and Central and Latin American (CALA) regions. The closed report was commissio...
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The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World), the research-centric marketplace and sourcing platform for global business buyers and outsourcing providers, has switched on a refreshed and updated home page. The updated website provides buyers with easier ways to source service providers across 1...
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The Africa Global Business Services (GBS) Buyers Choice Report uncovers the continent’s capabilities as a world-class offshore business services destination for international investors, buyers and operators. Valued at US$8,3 billion and projected to rise to US$11,7 billion by 2023, Africa’s GBS offshoring market al...
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