GBS.World Releases the 2022 Africa GBS Buyers Choice Report

GBS.World Releases the 2022 Africa GBS Buyers Choice Report

The Africa Global Business Services (GBS) Buyers Choice Report uncovers the continent’s capabilities as a world-class offshore business services destination for international investors, buyers and operators. Valued at US$8,3 billion and projected to rise to US$11,7 billion by 2023, Africa’s GBS offshoring market alone is poised to become a new frontier for GBS delivery.

The report dissects key elements of Africa’s GBS sector, as well as revealing pertinent buyer trends and requirements.

African GBS and customer experience (CX) highlights

Africa’s GBS make-up is characterized by a mix of emerging and maturing offshore and outsourcing locations with fast-growing economies and deepening CX talent pools.

As such, GBS workforce and market sizes vary across the continent, with workforce numbers ranging from 1,200 to over 261,000, mirrored by market valuations from US$9,7 million to US$4,7 billion. Leading in terms of size and maturity is South Africa and Egypt, supported by conducive business environments, developed infrastructure and deep talent pools.

Power in diversity

Multilingual capabilities are one of Africa’s most striking features, where almost all countries have a European language and/or Arabic as part of their official languages, opening the doors for GBS delivery to the European, North American, Australian and Middle Eastern source markets.

Diversity is also found in the continent’s array of GBS capabilities and skills, ranging from business process outsourcing (BPO) services, such as inbound and outbound calling, customer administration, complaints handling and sales to complex business process services (BPS) roles, including data analytics, actuarial accounting and software development.

GBS buyer trends

How, and where, do you currently source back office processing and CX services/suitable service providers?

Included in the report are buy-side demand trends and insights, based on interviews of 360 enterprise buyers in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

How and where enterprise buyers source back office processing and CX services, and the pain points associated with these sourcing processes were brought to light. In addition, enterprise buyers shared their planned strategies for how they aim to reduce costs and boost profitability.

Service providers enabling Africa’s GBS success story

Full-page business profiles of top African-based GBS service providers present salient details on each organization, covering major points of presence, the total number of seats/knowledge workers, vertical industries serviced, GBS/CX services, customer service channels and digital fulfillment.

A vibrant GBS opportunity

Although burgeoning in nature, the continent is more than capable to compete with traditional GBS juggernauts and make itself known as a dependable GBS location. Africa’s GBS landscape is filled with untapped opportunities to deliver exceptional GBS to the global consumer.

You can download your copy of the report here.