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Overview Of Nexus 2024

The New Matrix of Global Delivery: What It Means To Running Your Business 

The world is watching. The rise of Latin America and the Caribbean over the last few years is real and people are paying attention. The Americas’ Nearshore has begun cultivating a worldwide reputation built on value, competence, and flexibility. Geopolitical instability is having real consequences in the models used to underpin global services’ programs. As competition shifts and new avenues open, the Americas’ Nearshore continues to capture a larger share of the global knowledge economy.

But pitfalls are abundant. Latin America has its own set of geopolitical issues. Demand for bilingual talent continues to accelerate, putting strain on locations that are not adequately prepared. Costs are rising and those who don’t have well-defined strategies to balance remote and hybrid workforces often often pay a heavy price. Another topic that will be closely scrutinized at Nexus is the ongoing disruption of automation solutions and artificial intelligence. We will look to identify exactly how well-established delivery models are being transformed today, and what’s ahead in the near term.

Nexus 2024 is the premiere conference to tackle the deeper issues that influence the performance of the Nearshore model. We use the market expertise of Nearshore Americas to deliver an experience that produces new insights, new connections and new business. Join us and be a key contributor to the next generation of Nearshore services. See you in New Jersey!

Strategic Discussion Topics:

Latin America’s Rising Stature on the Global Stage

Economic Recovery and the Refueling of Nearshore Digital

Locations that Are Thriving in a Time of AI Disruption

CX Super Panel: New Models for Global Diversification

Captive Rush: Why More Enterprises are Going it Alone

Caribbean 3.0: Riding the Next Wave of Knowledge Services

Healthcare’s Digital Journey: Inside the Hottest Vertical in Global Services

Argentina’s Instability and Recalibrating in South America

Workforce Tool Kit: Navigating the New Rules of Remote Labor

Responsible Impact: Social Initiatives and Producing Measurable Results


JUNE 12TH 6 PM – 8 PM

Nexus Opening Night Reception

Location: Hyatt Regency, Jersey City NJ

JUNE 13TH 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Nexus 2024, Conference and Exhibition

NJCU Business School

Jersey City, NJ

8:30 am: Arrival, coffee and networking

9 am: Welcome and Introductions

9:15 am: Keynote Presentation

10 am: Super Panel: The Global Significance of Latin America’s Knowledge Economy

11 am: Networking Break

11:15 am: IT Ops: The CXO Playbook Driving New Nearshore Investment

12 pm: CX Super Panel: Opportunities and Barriers to Global Diversification

12:45 pm: Buffet Luncheon

1:45 pm: Caribbean 3.0: Riding the New Wave of Knowledge Services

2:30 pm: Staff This: How Recruiters and HR Leads Are Driving Greenfield Strategies

3:05 pm: Afternoon Break

3:15 pm: The Nearshore Value Index: Ranking the Leading Destinations

3:45 pm: Responsible Impact: How Social Initiatives are Shaping the Mission of Nearshore

4:30 pm: Closing Comments

5 pm: Sponsors’ Cocktail Reception