About Us


Genesis Global Business Services empowers and enables global Knowledge Leaders. We co-create and publish business, trade and investment research, market intelligence and thought leadership insights for executives of today’s Experience Economy. We produce commissioned and syndicated research reports and qualitative/quantitative surveys covering global business services (GBS) that includes digital-and IT-enabled services, business process outsourcing (BPO), business process services (BPS), finance & accounting, human resource outsourcing (HRO), procurement outsourcing, legal services, IT outsourcing (ITO), employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX).

We are a global-to-local research, advisory and strategy firm providing international, regional and national market intelligence and analytics, driven by the most recent quantitative data and qualitative insights.  Our networked team of researchers, analysts and influencers are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of these knowledge enablers that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value for our clientele and contribute to the broader public. 

Our team facilitates C-Level mindshare and ideation groups backed by executive round tables and focus groups. They generate leading-edge, forward-looking research, advice, strategy, best practice and thought leadership that enable organizations to solve problems, thrive on opportunities, drive business development directed strategies and make real impact. 




GKX has produced and published a range of qualitative and quantitative surveys and market intelligence reports including:

• 2021 South Africa GBS National Quantification & Investment Report and GBS Investor Handbook

• 2021 US Consumer Healthcare & Patient Engagement Survey

• 2021 GBS Masterplan for South Africa

• 2021 Africa Global Business Services (GBS) Benchmarking & Market Report.

• 2021 Global Business Services Vertical Industry Demand Survey and Buyers Reports.

• 2021 Gauteng Township Economic Regeneration (TER) Survey and Business Case.

• 2021 Russia BPO Marketplace Report.

• 2020 Harambee Mapping of Digital and ICT Skills and Demand.

• 2020 US Consumer Healthcare Survey.

• 2019 KZN Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities and Towns Economy Survey.

• 2019 – 2020 Gauteng Digital and ICT Market Intelligence Report.

• 2019 Gauteng GBS Market Quantification Report and Value Proposition.

• 2019 KZN GBS Market Quantification Report and Value Proposition.

• 2019 Tshwane GBS Market Quantification Report and Value Proposition.

• 2019 South African Human Resource Management Survey and Value Proposition.

• 2019 Blended Artificial Intelligence (AI) in African Contact Centres Report.

• 2019 Global and Human Resource Management and Learning Survey.

• 2019 Global and South African Finance & Accounting (F&A) Survey and Value Proposition.

• 2019 Global CX Blockchain Market Intelligence Survey.

• 2019 South African Alternative Legal Services (ALS) Survey and Value Proposition.

• 2019 South Africa Procurement Outsourcing Survey and Value Proposition.

• 2019 Technology Experience Survey.

• 2019 US BPO Marketplace Report.

• 2019 Europe BPO Marketplace Report.

• 2019 Germany BPO Service Provider Profiling Report.

• 2019 Facilities Management Market Analysis Survey

• 2018 Global Vertical Industry Customer Experience (CX) Survey.

• 2018 Global Human Resource Outsourcing and Employee Experience (EX) Survey.

• 2018 Global Finance & Accounting (F&A) Survey.

• 2017 Facilities Management Report

• 2018 Cloud Transformation Survey in African Contact Centres

• 2016 Knowledge Executive Business & Market Insights covering:

   • Human Capital and Skills Development

   • Offshoring, Onshoring and Nearshoring

   • Outsourcing, Co-sourcing and Insourcing

   • Technology and Telecoms

• 2013 Knowledge Executive BPO Business & Market Insights

• 2008 South Africa National BPO Quantification Survey.

• Commissioned Reports and Surveys for the Automotive, BPO/S, Banking, Facilities, digital/ICT, Insurance, Technology and Telecom Sectors.