Impact Sourcing—Opening Up the Talent Pool

Impact Sourcing—Opening Up the Talent Pool

South Africa has an amazing pool of talented individuals that offer diversity, cultural affinity, exceptional English and multilingual skills.

How do we tap into this skills pool?

With an increasing unemployment rate amongst the employable youth in South Africa, the impact of this model continually drives innovation in creating career opportunities that are both effective and socially responsible by providing work to lower-income communities through sustainable employment that creates purpose and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Through this challenging period we have witnessed the difficulties many of our fellow citizens have had due to them not having access to their normal working environments and infrastructures, in comparison to those who have been able to make the move to remote work, creating a loss of income, increased stress levels and an unbalanced life, especially for working mom’s.

The CallForce vision is to transform the lives of previously disadvantaged communities through the creation of a minimum of 500 000 career opportunities for the youth of South Africa while contributing to the growth of the South African GBS sector by 2030.

Our aim is to continually provide sustainable job creation that creates long-term career opportunities through training, knowledge share and skills development to empower our communities in creating a better future.

This is a win-win model that builds trusted partnerships between communities and companies. Communities are provided with the platform to take back the control and ownership in creating meaningful careers and are continually empowered and supported to strengthen their knowledge base and skills which in turn reduces the unemployment rate and delivers a motivated, customer-centric talent pool.

How CallForce supports the Impact Sourcing model:

  • We create jobs. We take employees from zero work experience and who come from disadvantaged communities, who would otherwise have no access to the formal work environment and upskill them to world-class service providers with a digital-first, customised training-focused approach.
  • We don’t delay. Our recruitment and training process is fast and effective. Our training techniques and management processes allow us to train, upskill and have these individuals work ready in just 21 days.
  • We promote from within. Opportunities are created from within our organisation thereby creating an environment of growth and infusion of fresh new blood into our environment. This has given CallForce knowledgeable and motivated employees; they get a chance to shine and create a career path of purpose.
  • We believe in earning while learning. We empower our employees through continuous training and learning opportunities, while gaining the much desired experience they require to enter the working world and empower them to support their families.
  • We create leaders. Our successful leadership programs help employees grow and take on more responsibility in larger roles.
  • We bring innovation. Our pilot work-from home township campaign is currently underway in partnership with Harambee and Vumatel to bring the future of work to as many people as we possibly can.

In 2019, we provided an award-winning impact sourcing solution, using an effective strategy that matched the complex needs of our client.

We were able to create jobs for unemployed youth who come from disadvantaged communities across South Africa and this campaign was facilitated with the use of our very own digital engagement app to communicate, engage and empower our teams through high impact video that can be accessed both online and offline without the high cost of data – CallForce Engage

Creating a sustainable, effective employment model for the youth of South Africans is at the heart of what we do and if you would like to join us in our impact sourcing initiative in creating meaningful career opportunities through a responsible outsourcing model, get in touch with me today.

Roshan Sookdeo
Head Of Global Solutions

Cell: 083 209 2576 | Tel: 011-5199900 | Email:

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