BPO Needs A New Focus On Post-Pandemic Messaging

BPO Needs A New Focus On Post-Pandemic Messaging

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry was affected and changed profoundly by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year. Not only did it suddenly become unviable to continue using vast contact centers all over the world, but many governments declared that BPO was an essential industry that had to continue at all costs. If the contact centers had closed then who would be answering the phone when citizens called the government for help with an unemployment claim, or to cancel a flight, or to claim a refund on a hotel room that was suddenly impossible to use?

“In short, the entire BPO industry needs a reboot. A refresh. A change of message. You are not selling Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) in a contact center. You are selling assurance”

BPO is essential. Customers today are interacting with brands more than ever before because they have so many more channels and they are not just making complaints – they are building genuine relationships with the brands they love. Customers now engage with brands long before a purchase, during a purchase, and long after a purchase. Look at the devotion and loyalty created by brands like Apple, Nike, or Harley Davidson.

But take a look at the websites of most BPO companies today and what do you find? They are usually focused on contact centers. They don’t really differentiate between channels, so if a voice contact center needs to start supporting TikTok then the solution is to “just throw a few agents at social media…” Everything is still priced as if every customer calls and never uses WhatsApp or Twitter. There is rarely a mention of trying something new and sharing the risks involved in innovation.

In short, the entire BPO industry needs a reboot. A refresh. A change of message. You are not selling Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) in a contact center. You are selling the assurance that the newly unemployed person can get the right advice they need to quickly receive government help and advice on getting a new job. You are selling a service as important as medical advice for someone with an unusual cough who is worried they might now have Covid-19. These interactions with citizens and customers deserve more.

It’s time to revisit your message, your value proposition. When you talk to prospects can you define what you are doing in a sentence? The “elevator pitch” sounds like a business school cliche, but it’s true – if you can’t quickly tell me why your business can help then I don’t have the time or attention to keep listening.

Simplify your message. Cut out the vaporware and jargon. Build relationships with clients that trust you to deliver for their customers – don’t just sell FTEs.

If you focus on how you can help your prospects and simplify your message, I promise that you will see leads closed faster and a rise in sales. It’s that simple. Be direct, focused, and honest about your capabilities and your prospects will respond.

I’m Shelli Ryan and I’m the CEO of Ad Hoc Communication. For 25 years, Ad Hoc has specialized in building global sales campaigns and optimizing marketing strategies. Our team has deep expertise in advising BPO companies across the world and we can immediately help you to seize the emerging post-Covid opportunities. Contact me here.

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