Britain is set to host a global summit on AI safety, after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden discussed the technology at their recent meeting. The summit aims to address the risks of AI and to strategize international coordination to mitigate these risks. Various other governments are also considering how to implement regulations and rules governing the use of generative AI, following the boom in its use since ChatGPT was released in November of last year.

As this transpires, PwC Canada plans to invest $200 million into improving its AI capabilities over the next three years. The investment will largely include the tools in the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service suite, as well as an upskilling initiative for approximately 9,000 employees. Other aspects of the initiative include embedding AI into PwC’s internal platforms and advancing its STEM hiring processes. The technology is hoped to improve internal operations, data security, and CX.

Simultaneously, US-headquartered tech giant, Google LLC, announced developments in its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, which has been competing against ChatGPT since its launch in March this year. Bard’s steadily improving mathematics and programming skills will enable the technology to not only understand and write code, but also to execute it, which is beneficial for accurate testing and results generation.

The California-based CX platform, Twilio, has announced its deployment of Google Cloud AI to enhance its customer service. The integration will allow for a cookie-less, personalized service, where generative AI will prompt customer service representatives with appropriate actions and responses to live customer queries, based on their needs and history.

Global CX tech and services company, TTEC, is launching a new CX delivery center in Honduras. The center will generate hundreds of jobs in the region, and it is promising for nearshore opportunities with US and Canadian clients. This launch adds to the company’s growing Latin American delivery footprint, joining Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Columbia.

Tanjay City in the Philippines is set to welcome its first BPO company, WrkPod Campus. Owned and run by award-winning Australian entrepreneurs, Dale Beaumont and Kody Thompson. The company is hopeful that the launch will generate numerous job opportunities.

Liquid C2 – part of the communications solution provider, Liquid Intelligent Technologies – is developing an integrated cloud solution to enhance CX for contact center clients in Africa. This development is in partnership with INOVO, a global cloud contact center solutions provider with strong industry knowledge and experience. The omni-channel solution will enable channel optimization, workforce expansion, and better data management and development.

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