In global news, cybercrime group Muddled Libra has been targeting the BPO sector. The group has been utilizing advanced social engineering tactics to gain access to organizations’ databases. Using intrusion sets such as 0ktapus phishing and Mimikatz, the syndicate has been linked to numerous attacks since June 2022. They have been using their skillsets to tamper with endpoint security solutions and manipulate multi-factor authentication to steal credentials and confidential data, posing a significant threat to organizations of all sizes.

In the United States, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has released its first-ever customer experience action plan. The new plan is hoped to improve bus and rail services in the state, and to do its part in supporting to “break down barriers to education and employment.”

And speaking of customer experience, the embattled retail brand Bed Bath & Beyond is back. Overstock, an online furniture and home retail store, is rebranding itself under the name after winning the Bed Bath & Beyond intellectual property in a $21.5 million auction. The company will improve customer experience and position itself for accelerated market share growth.

Australia has appointed a national cybersecurity chief, in response to a significant influx in major data breaches and network intrusions. In January 2023, Australia was listed as the fifth-most targeted country by cybercriminals. Marshal Darren Goldie will begin his term on July 3rd, leading the Australian Government’s efforts to address cyber threats and bolster the nation’s security capabilities.

Notch, the German startup offering B2B buyer solutions, have raised over €1 million from several key investors. The funds will be funneled into SaaS revenue teams geared toward redefining the B2B SaaS buying journey. Their aspirations were created from the realization that leading sales tools focus mostly on sales teams, disregarding the buyer.

In East Africa, the Government of Uganda is set to boost the BPO industry in an effort to create more job opportunities. They have identified their strong English language skillset as an advantage over competitors in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Ibex, a global provider of BPO and customer engagement technology solutions, has appointed a country manager for their branch in Jamaica. Tamara Ricketts-Brown is backed with over 20 years of experience, and will be paramount in the company’s efforts to grow their success in Jamaica.

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