Nigeria’s Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, in collaboration with cybersecurity firm Lab Four, signed an MoU to bring 50,000 full-time BPO jobs to Nigeria over the next three years. The National Talent Export Program (NATEP) – which was launched in 2023 to connect Nigerians with employment opportunities abroad – will oversee the execution of the program. The initiative targets various sectors and aims to boost Nigeria’s economy with an estimated $1.2 billion annually.

About 62,000 Jamaicans are currently employed in the BPO sector according to the Minister of Industry, Investment, & Commerce, Aubyn Hill, who addressed the Jamaica Business Reform Forum. Approximately US$1 billion is being generated from the sector in the country – a surge in revenue when reviewing figures pre-pandemic. To continue increasing productivity, the minister announced that the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is collaborating with the BPO sector to develop training initiatives to enhance workforce productivity. In 2023, 509 supervisors and managers were successfully trained.

CX solutions firm, MCI BPO, has announced the acquisition of EastWest BPO & EastWest Technologies in the Philippines, expanding its global footprint and service offerings. The acquisition combines MCI’s BPO expertise with EastWest’s resources, offering a comprehensive suite of customer interaction solutions. EastWest’s established infrastructure provides MCI with expansion opportunities and access to a skilled workforce.

In global news, following reports of negotiations between Apple and Alphabet to license Gemini AI for future iPhones, Alphabet shares have surged over 4%. If the reports are accurate, Gemini – Google’s AI suite – could power new iPhone features. Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized significant investments in AI, and with Apple’s iOS 18 update expected to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June of this year, the global tech firm may announce the introduction of generative AI. Apple and Alphabet declined to comment on the report.

The CX Asia Excellence Awards 2024 has announced that it is open for submissions to honor outstanding CX organizations and initiatives in Asia. Four new categories have been introduced for this year’s awards, including: Best Use of Data & Customer Insights, Best Use of AI, Best Use of Intelligent Chatbots, and Best Use of MarTech. Entries close on June 7, and winners will be announced during CX Asia Week 2024 in November.

Totango, a cloud-based customer success and retention platform based in California, has introduced a standardized framework for SaaS companies to measure and enhance performance. The CRC metric assesses customer retention costs, crucial for subscription businesses’ financial health. The framework includes staffing, systems, and customer retention programs, enabling companies to gauge and improve their investment decisions for sustained growth.

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