In the latest news regarding fraud scams in India, two individuals have been arrested in Mumbai for their involvement in an international job scam. The individuals allegedly recruited over 100 youths from India, promising them jobs in Thailand but forcing them to work in cyber fraud call centers in Laos. The plaintiffs – who were charged with human trafficking, among other offenses – allegedly operated under the guise of legitimate job offers. Victims were able to alert the police, leading to their arrest.

Melbourne-based BPO provider Nutun Australia has been acquired by a Sydney-based private equity firm, Allegro Funds, for AUS$120 million. With 900-plus staff across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, Nutun serves blue-chip clients in finance, utilities, and telecom. Allegro aims to expand Nutun’s service offerings and capabilities through organic growth and acquisitions, leveraging its expertise in corporate carveouts. The deal includes a long-term partnership with Nutun South Africa.

Nextshore – a Florida-based organization specializing in HR and talent solutions, particularly in the nearshoring industry – has expanded its nearshoring operations in Latin America and Mexico. The expansion sees recruitment of over 600 employees to serve American clients. By leveraging geographical proximity, time zones, and cultural affinities, Nextshore aims to offer seamless communication and operational efficiency.

In the Philippines, the country’s new submarine cable network, which was completed in 2023, promises stable internet connectivity even in remote islands. The Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network(PDSCN) – jointly funded by InfiniVAN, Globe Telecom, and Eastern Telecommunications – is a US$150 million project that spans 2,500 kilometers from Luzon to Mindanao. It aims to boost the call center industry, enabling expansion beyond cities like Manila and Cebu. The move is expected to create jobs and spur development nationwide, facilitating faster internet and efficient digital services.

Upstream Works – an omnichannel contact center software provider headquartered in Ontario, Canada – has launched its AgentNow solution. The platform provides on-demand customer service via voice, video, and chat channels, enabling customers to connect directly with agents for real-time support using a QR code or mobile webpage. This approach aims to enhance customer engagement by providing personalized assistance and quick issue resolution.

According to a recent report by market research company SNS Insider, the global Call Center AI market, valued at US$1.71 billion in 2022, is projected to reach US$8.55 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 22.3%. Led by SAP, IBM, and Google, AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing customer service by automating tasks and enhancing interactions. NLP and machine learning play key roles, with cloud-based deployments gaining traction.

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