Video-based customer service

Video-based customer service

Video-based customer service is essential in providing a holistic and fully encompassing omnichannel solution to enhance the customer journey!

With the drive for self-service options becoming the norm, customers are looking to service providers that offer the personal touch of face-to-face engagement that creates efficiency in their query resolution process.

In the Telco sector, research has shown that by implementing video as an alternative, interactive channel in improving customer experience, it not only creates transparency and trust but also creates a personalised experience that instantaneously contributes to gaining competitive advantage.

Is video part of your customer interaction strategy?

If not, get in touch with us today and I’ll show you how a video-based omnichannel solution does not have to be a complicated process, but a quick and uncomplicated solution guaranteed to strengthen and enhance your customer experience.

Download our whitepaper on the topic Video Customer Support: An Emerging Trend.

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