GBS World News | Week 1 | August 2021

U.S.-based BPO leader, iBex, has opened its fifth site in Jamaica in the Sunshine City area of Portmore. 1,300 new, digitally enabled jobs will be created, adding to the company’s 5,200 employee base on the Caribbean Island, contributing to US$40 million in annual salaries. iBex’ Wave X technology suite will be leveraged to rapidly train agents to meet its high proficiency standards, which includes the use of a virtual training simulator. The additional site will be one of five alongside those in Kingston, Portmore, and Ocho Rios.

In Canada, Teleperformance Canada has been certified as a Great Place to Work, setting new workplace standards for the Canadian business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. With over 3,000 employees spread across three facilities, where 80% of its staff work from home, Teleperformance scored strongly for overall trust. The sentiment of its Canadian employees is shared across all Teleperformance’s global operations, where 90% of their global workforce have confirmed that the multinational BPO is a great employer. A company that prioritizes employee wellness, this comes at no surprise.

A unit of Malaysian ICT and business process outsourcing company, Privasia Technology Bhd, has been awarded a US$1,4 million technology and managed services contract from Redberry Contact Centre Sdn Bhd for its call center operations. The contract has been accepted by Privasia Technology Bhd’s wholly owned subsidiary, Privasia Sdn Bhd (PSB). PSB offers outsourcing, e-procurement, consultation, and other IT-related services. It is said that the contract has a one-year duration, which will inject significant cashflow for Privasia Technology Bhd.

Global digital solutions, and Indian IT giant, OpenTeQ, has partnered with Microsoft and Oracle to accelerate its digital transformation process. The collaboration will create an optimized and customizable cloud experience to OpenTeQ’s enterprise solutions. Additionally, the digital transformation will modernize OpenTeQ’s IT ecosystem, fulfilling the technological demands of its clients. With plans to enter the Canadian market, this will give them the tools to explore new avenues in digital transformation.

In Europe, Creoate, a London-based online B2B platform that democratizes wholesale by connecting global sellers with independently owned retailers, has acquired €4,2 million in funding. The company was established to remove pain points of the current wholesale ecosystem, particularly for small businesses that face discriminatory pricing and poor information flows from traditional wholesalers. Creoate’s online platform, which does not own any of the inventory, assists retailers to forecast product trends, resulting in optimized inventory management, saving smaller retailers on costs and increasing efficiencies. 

Israeli-based ID verification company, AU10TIX, has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2021 Global Product Leadership Award. The recognition is owed to AU10TIX’ innovative end-to-end ID verification and document authentication service that assists in secure and fast customer onboarding and re-verification. The company has developed highly sophisticated AI technology that solves authentication issues, leading to optimized Customer Experience (CX) outcomes.

In general news, a recent survey conducted by Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) indicates that global organizations have generally failed to revolutionize CX delivery in the current landscape that is rapidly moving towards digital transformation, partly fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the survey found that companies have ramped up resource allocation for digitalization, they are still underperforming in CX delivery, due to challenges in digital execution and consistencies across industries. Some of the key findings include only 18% of companies have implemented interventions to smoothen CX processes and 37% of businesses act only act when urgent action is required.

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