Progressing your brand through digital engagement

Progressing your brand through digital engagement

It will soon be 2 years since the GBS sector along with the rest of the business world were thrust into fast tracking digital migration strategies for two of our key assets, the consumers we service and our talented employees.

The world of a hybrid lifestyle is here to stay! Whether it be shopping online with the occasional visit to a store, supporting your child with online education while they attend school or working from the office and from home, this new hybrid way has become our way of life.

Therefore, businesses need to adapt strategies for the long term in order to stay competitive in the world where we compete to retain and grow not only our customers but our other largest asset, the talented people within our businesses.

The time for short-term interventions is now up and long-term strategies, technologies and customised processes must be integrated to keep effective lines of communication with customers, employees and even suppliers in this new digital lifestyle.

Digital platforms and digital-first processes need to be integrated into operations to ensure the vision and brand promise are lived through every interaction – both internally and externally.

There is a tidal wave of technology available to digitise just about every business challenge however digitising the right strategy and process is key to success.

We have found that developing a blueprint for our digital engagement strategy for both our employees and clients helps streamline the process of identifying the technologies that will yield the best results for digital engagement of both your customers and staff.

At the wake of the Covid pandemic, it was generally the initial priority to ensure client-facing campaigns were immediately transitioned to a secure, digital environment to ensure business continuity.

Looking back at our journey a key component of the success of shifting into hybrid working, was effective change management and the roll of our own, uniquely customised internal digital communication tools to take our digital strategy to the next level.

We therefore developed CallForce Engage which is a unique video-based digital communication tool that is already being used within our client environments to support our GBS service offering in shifting gears and shaping the future of change management without depending on mobile data or constant connectivity.

We are now using the same platform to communicate with our internal teams through interactive video-based content to share campaign news, learnings, training, internal communications, recognition, success and so much more.

This has now been expanded to incorporate engagement with end consumers allowing us to provide an improved service or sales experience as part of our outsourced contact centre solutions.

Another example we can share of shifting into improved digital engagement is our performance enhancement tool – CallForce Transform, which effectively monitors, tracks and incentivises the performance of our agents to keep our teams motivated and to ensure our client deliverables are being professionally and effectively managed – providing live data and analytics to keep our teams accountable and ensure we continually deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Digital coaching and training are incorporated into this platform to ensure we close the performance loop, empowering our people to improve their skills and performance.

The need to stay connected has never been so important and digital strategies for both employees and consumers need to take priority if we as business leaders want to ensure we are successful in continually bringing our brands to life through innovation.

Let’s share ideas and examples of how we are tackling both the move to more effective digital engagement as well as how we are addressing bridging the digital divide!

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