GBS World business buyers get more validated profiles with Trusted Membership program

GBS World business buyers get more validated profiles with Trusted Membership program

Globalization, digitalization and the rising need to optimize costs and improve business service delivery has created a highly competitive marketplace for global business services. And the need for brands and enterprises to connect with service providers they can trust.

Cutting through the noise to reach global business buyers has, therefore, become a strategic imperative for service providers – a task that just became immeasurably easier following the launch of the World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS World).

The easily searchable and intuitive GBS World portal aims to transform human experience (HX) everywhere by enabling business buyers to reach trusted service providers from a single online platform.

Validation of providers that business buyers can trust

Trusted Members can create single or multiple market listings and GBS World will connect global business buyers with trusted service providers when they source customer experience (CX), contact center, sales, customer service, finance, legal, HR or IT services.

The authentication program verifies and assesses the size, scalability, capabilities and customer success track records of service providers and corroborates qualifications and certifications to provide buyers with validated profiles.

The platform also uses data-driven matchmaking to share sourcing opportunities with relevant service providers, giving buyers the ability to easily shortlist and right-source service providers using professional endorsements to guide their decision-making.

Trusted marketplace profiles include at least three or more testimonials or reviews from clients who trust the business.

RFPs and buying scoops

Service providers that register on the portal as a Trusted Member receive access to a global pool of the highest calibre business buyers via an extensive database, which boasts over 38,000 C-level, D-level, and M-level executives in Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.

These enterprise decision-makers and executives are often looking for suitable service providers or nearshore/offshore locations to outsource, co-source or multi-source.

Trusted Members can view and access request for proposal (RFP) notices published on the GBS World RFP Bulletin. Built-in RFI forms allow business buyers to directly contact service providers from their profiles.

Trusted Members also receive buying scoops – news and intent signals on buyer projects, M&As and outsourcing and investment priorities to help drive new leads and buy-side insights.

Thought leadership

Furthermore, GBS World provides Trusted Members with multiple opportunities to amplify their market reach via integrated thought leadership positioning campaigns. This includes explainer videos and press release dissemination and exposure to a network of over 5,400 global news outlets, news sites and blogs.

And Trusted Members can publish content to their thought leadership marketplace blog as part of broader content marketing campaigns. The most thought-provoking opinion pieces will be considered for main page publicity.

GBS World will also boost blog posts and visual content via established and highly engaged social media channels that boast a potential global reach of 860,000 followers.


Registered Trusted Members also gain access to the latest research and market intelligence on buying criteria and investment priorities, as well as location assessments and vertical market penetration intelligence.

This includes GBS/BPO Buyers Guides in the form of expertly produced e-books and partner guides, as well as PDF, flip book and print-on-demand research reports and location and consumer indexes.

In addition, Trusted Members benefit from annual business and advisory meetings with research and market analysts from GBS World.

Assessments for the next round Trusted Membership applications are open and can be accessed here.

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