India could lose its outsourcing edge to countries in Eastern Europe, according to Wipro board member, Jagdish Sheth, in an interview with the Economic Times. And yet Indian IT companies such as Infosys, TCS and Wipro are also turning to Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czechia both for the talent and for the captives that are peppered across the region. Multinational outsourcing businesses like IBM, HP and Accenture are also based in the region.

It has been reported that Canadian customer experience (CX) workers are next in line in a series of planned layoffs by technology giant, Oracle. The firm started axing employees in the US in a campaign to cut costs of up to US$1 billion. As of May 2022, the company had a workforce complement of 143 000.

Celebrating its fourth year in South Africa, Kura, a Glasgow-based provider of customer support, has expanded considerably in the Southern African country. Over the last year the firm added more than 100 personnel to its overall headcount at two sites in Durban. Kura is a verified member of GBS.World.

To create a knowledge economy, the Filipino government has lapsed Senate Bill 1834 or the Philippine Digital Workforce Competitiveness Act into law. The act aims to prepare Filipinos for digital-based occupations, including business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (ITO), through digital skills training and education. The new law also authorizes government to enter public-private partnerships with industry experts, IT-BPO associations, private companies and other stakeholders to plan and implement skills programmes for digital careers.

Second quarter financial results were announced by American Global Business Services (GBS) firm, Genpact. Although total revenue for the quarter increased by 10%, registering US$1.089 billion, cash from operations fell short of last years’ second quarter results by US$59 million. Other key highlights include a year-on-year increase in revenue from Data-Tech-AI services of 20%.

Some interesting insights have stoked the global customer services market by a ’’first-of-its-kind’’ report revealing that 92% of customer calls are opportunities for business growth. The report was published by, a provider of live virtual receptionist and chat services for 14,000 US small businesses. The study recorded and analyzed outcomes from 25.3 million customer service conversations the firm handled between 2020 and 2021 across a range of sectors, showing that nine out of ten calls a business receives are opportunities to win or keep customers.

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