GBS.World named as media sponsor of the Business Services Sector (BSS) Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala

GBS.World named as media sponsor of the Business Services Sector (BSS) Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala

The World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services (GBS.World) is pleased to announce that it is a media patron for the seventh edition of the Business Services Sector (BSS) Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala.

The international conference is set to kick off on the April 19, 2023 in an exclusive venue in Warsaw, Poland.

Organized by Pro Progressio, a Polish-based BSS knowledge sharing body, the forum will host experts and leaders from business process outsourcing (BPO), shared services, customer experience (CX) and IT organizations.

As such, the forum will reveal enriching content, enabling industry players to make more accurate business decisions in a somewhat complex BSS market.

But what differentiates the BSS Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala to other events in the 2023 outsourcing calendar?

Why is this event significant?

Evolving over seven years, the BSS Forum presents an array of local and global industry topics, challenges and trends to assist buyers, operators, investors and entrepreneurs to effectively navigate the ever-changing BSS market and augment their decision-making processes.

The forum also provides an opportunity for industry players to network and expand their business reach beyond their current parameters.

What can be expected?

Over 350 participants are expected to attend the forum, partaking in 17 lectures led by 50 different BSS thought leaders. Lecture topics will cover both the macro and micro aspects of the BSS sector.

On a ‘bigger picture’ scale, thought leaders will provide their views on the global situation of the BSS market, discussing key industry trends, challenges, pain points and solutions.

Furthermore, a range of granular industry themes will be examined, such as operational issues, work environment, cyber security, professionalization and certification of operating centers.

In amongst these lectures, nine start up presentations will be shared by burgeoning entrepreneurs in the European BSS realm.

It is apt that this year’s theme is ‘’Follow the Leaders’’ – a reflection of Poland’s, as well as Europe’s, flourishing BSS sector driven by individual pioneers over the last 25 years, who have grown into influential, globally renowned leaders.

In celebration of these leaders and the industry as a whole, the Outsourcing Stars Gala (the concluding event of the forum) will recognize the top performing outsourcing organizations in the region.

Moreover, the gala will provide a summary of the year in the outsourcing market, followed by a networking opportunity.

Who will be there?

A diverse collection of thought leaders will be sharing their insights and views, indicating where the industry is going and how to adapt to challenges. These individuals will be representing industry-related organizations, ranging from BSS operators to legal firms to industry advisories.

Some of the speakers include the following:

  • Radosław Jankie (Partner, Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG)
  • Monika Reszko – Business psychologist | Human CS Monika Reszko
  • Małgorzata Parzych – Senior Personnel Administration & Legalization Specialist | Grafton Recruitment
  • Indu Badlani – CEO and Co-Founder | Staffing Expert
  • Peter Ryan – Principal | Ryan Strategic Advisory

When and where will the forum take place?

Commencing on the 19th of April and concluding on the 20th of April, the BSS Forum will feature the following events:

  • April 19th, 2023 – City Tour Warsaw
  • April 19th, 2023 – The Before Night Networking
  • April 20th, 2023 – The BSS Forum
  • April 20th, 2023 – The Outsourcing Stars Gala

The forum will be held in Warsaw, Poland, in the five-star Sheraton Grand Warsaw hotel, located in one of the most important historical squares of the capital – Plac Trzech Krzyży. Lectures will be held simultaneously in four rooms at the hotel.

Learning and connecting for now and the future

The BSS Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala is indeed a unique event, representing what could be the future of BSS development.

With a diverse base of topics and speakers, participants should come away from the forum equipped with new information regarding nearshoring and offshoring models and techniques as well as strategies for future benefits.

It is obvious that for any organization wanting to be competitive in the BSS market, attending this event is essential. After all, professional team members need to stay informed on innovations in their respective fields and learn from each other’s experiences.

Together, it should generate exciting opportunities for participants to shape their current business decisions moving forward, not only now but into the future.

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