The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) identified the Nigerian BPO industry as a rapidly growing sector with huge potential. With NTIDA’s implementation of the national outsourcing strategy (NOS 2023–2027), five million jobs are expected to be created within the next four years. The goal is to secure Nigeria as a key player in offshore outsourcing, with the aim of creating numerous job opportunities, improving the economy, expanding the tax base, and attracting foreign investment.

In the US, OrionStar USA announced the integration of ChatGPT with its AI delivery robot, Lucki. Enabling real-time response to customer queries, the integration facilitates advanced customer engagement that is both efficient and personalized. OrionStar expects to see significant cost savings and aims to continuously improve Lucki’s capabilities to provide advanced and personalized customer service.

The Cottonwood-Holladay Journal recently released a report on global IT outsourcing services, which offers insights into market trends and forecasts between 2023 and 2030. The report also highlights key players and initiatives in the sector, and it provides detailed information on key geographical regions and customer segments with high growth potential.

The Centre of Digital Enterprise (CODE) of the University of Auckland Business School released a report that investigates the current and future state of digital sourcing in New Zealand. Although it has been identified that New Zealand has a shortage in acute tech skills, surprisingly, the report identified that only 30% of surveyed organizations are engaging in outsourcing. CODE urges businesses to identify the growth opportunities that could become available through the implementation of smart sourcing strategies and appointing advisors to ensure the success of such strategies.

Canadian immigration consulting firm, Sia Immigration Solutions Inc., launched its new website, with a focus on easy navigation to improve the customer experience. The updates to the website include an enhanced UX design, a blog with up-to-date information and news relating to immigration, and the introduction of important point calculators.

UK-based asset manager, Artemis, has appointed Northern Trust, a financial-services provider in the US, as their sole provider of asset-servicing outsourcing solutions. The deal encompasses the delivery of a wide range of services (such as fund administration and investment operations outsourcing solutions) to cater to Artemis’ fund ranges based in Luxembourg and the UK.

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