The Canadian branch of the multinational automobile manufacturer, Nissan, has launched the MyNISSAN app to enhance the customer experience (CX) for Nissan-vehicle owners. The consolidation offered by the app provides customers with numerous tools, including remote vehicle access, links to financial services, maintenance appointment scheduling, personalization, and accessing the vehicle’s history ­– along with many other helpful features.

Esker, the global cloud platform based in France, announced the incorporation of ChatGPT into its CX solution suite. The efficiency provided by the natural language processing (NLP) tool will improve response time significantly. Rather than replacing human customer service representatives, the organization believes that ChatGPT will serve to empower these professionals to focus on more value-adding customer engagements and efforts.

African data and marketing technology organization, Terragon Group, announced a new solution that will transform CX when  engaging with financial services firms. The single system would support banks in understanding customer needs better, by utilizing AI and machine learning tools to collect and analyze a vast array of data from numerous sources. This oversight will enable the identification of trends, assist with customer segmentation, and support the delivery of personalized interactions.

On a global level, GlobalData – a leading data and analytics company – has highlighted the power of generative AI in the financial services industry. The technology offers opportunities for personalized customer support, automated processes, and an analysis of vast amounts of data for better decision-making insights. Security can also be revolutionized through generative AI’s ability to identify anomalies that could be indicative of fraud or market manipulation.

US-based leading provider of BPO and CX technology solutions, ibex, announced its second annual CX Leadership Awards. The awards show recognition for top CX leaders and innovators across the globe who have dedicated themselves to advancing customer loyalty by transforming CX. The winners will be announced in a month’s time at the Customer Contact Week event in Las Vegas on June 20th.

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