One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies headquartered in New York, PepsiCo, is facing a lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Allegedly, the multinational company discriminated against a blind worker who was hired for a call center job in North Carolina. After requesting screen reading software to perform his duties, the company allegedly delayed his start date, placed him on unpaid leave, and ultimately fired him, citing high costs and system incompatibility. The EEOC claims PepsiCo violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing reasonable accommodations. Notably, North Carolina was where PepsiCo was created in 1893.

Delivery-management platform Scurri has acquired HelloDone, a conversational AI provider. Both companies are based in London. The acquisition is expected to enhance post-purchase customer services for e-commerce retailers. HelloDone’s AI-powered chat solutions will automate customer queries across digital messaging channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, complementing Scurri’s existing delivery and post-purchase offerings.

Also in acquisitions, Italian IT firm Almaviva is expanding its Latin American footprint by acquiring Brazil’s Magna Sistemas for 340 million reais (US$64.5 million). Renamed Almaviva Solutions, Magna’s ex-CEO, Adriano Dias, continues to lead the company. Almaviva aims to strengthen its presence in sectors like smart cities, transport, and healthcare across Latin America. This acquisition is part of Almaviva’s ongoing international expansion strategy.

The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, to showcase Uzbekistan’s tech potential to over 100 Georgian executives. Uzbekistan representatives highlighted the country’s skilled, English-speaking workforce and favorable tax environment. The event underscored Uzbekistan’s strategic location and its ambitions to become an IT hub, fostering future job creation and economic growth through international collaboration.

VXI Global Solutions is expanding its Charlotte, North Carolina customer service center. The center is expected to expand by adding over 100 new full-time positions to meet client demand after acquiring Chime Solutions, a customer-care technology-solutions company. New hires can expect competitive pay, benefits, and incentives, including extensive training and healthcare benefits.

Ahead of the Tiananmen Square anniversary, China is reportedly intensifying online censorship and cyberattacks on activists and international groups. Recent leaks reveal Beijing’s reliance on private, outsourced hackers for these operations. China’s restructuring of its cyberforce includes new agencies focused on cyberwarfare. This approach, involving private contractors, highlights a complex ecosystem where hackers sometimes clash with government priorities, and systemic corruption undermines effectiveness.

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